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Blogging my way towards a career?

Posted on the April 9, 2014

Having spent pretty much the past two years with my head buried in a laptop, making notes in my trusty notepad on the train or furiously sending emails I feel as if it’s time, at last, to come up for air to see where I’ve got to. What I want to tell you is essentially […]


Top five alternative euro city breaks for 2014

Posted on the January 24, 2014 | About, Travel

With an abundance of cheap flights criss-crossing the Continent, checking out what Europe has to offer has never been easier. From loutish stag groups, to couples in search of romance, airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Whizzair have made a trip to Prague or Riga about as exotic as a wet weekend in Scarborough. With […]


Top five Euro cities for New Year’s Eve

Posted on the December 27, 2013 | Travel

Sick of having your faced licked off by strangers in shit clubs or only remembering to sing the first verse of Auld Langs Ayne with your aunt? Then check these wicked European cities out for something a little special come midnight…   Barcelona It is a city blessed in cultural significance. The eternally unfinished Segrada Familia sticks […]


Teacher Strikes; It’s much more than money.

Posted on the October 16, 2013 | Opinion

Another strike, another nation divided over industrial action. Another blanket set of decisions that will fundamentally undermine an industry which is already suffering from low morale in over 75% of its teachers with over 50% wanting to leave the profession completely. Suck it up, I hear you say, we’ve all had it hard, pensions and […]


Rolf Harris! Innocent until proven guilty.

Posted on the April 23, 2013 | Opinion

As Rolf Harris is arrested and the tabloids sit licking their lips, do we really still live in a Innocent until proven otherwise society? What a time we live in. Celebrities both minor and major, most well-known names from the 1970s and 1980s, are being arrested or questioned for various sexual misdemeanours. Which really does […]


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